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JianTai Plastic Machinery Company was established in 2005, specializing in customized plastic extruders and supporting customized abrasives for plastic products.
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A PVC extruder is a machine that makes long, continuous shapes out of PVC plastic. It works by melting the plastic and pushing it through a mold, called a die, to create items like pipes, sheets, or profiles. HereÔÇÖs how it works step-by-step:

How a PVC Extruder Works

  • Feeding the PVC´╝ÜFirst, small pieces of PVC, called pellets, are put into the extruder. These pellets are fed into a long, heated tube called a barrel.
  • Melting the PVC´╝ÜInside the barrel, there is a screw that turns and pushes the PVC pellets forward. As the pellets move, the heat melts them, turning them into a thick, gooey liquid.
  • Shaping the PVC:At the end of the barrel, the machine pushes the melted PVC through a die.┬áThe die is like a mold that shapes the PVC into the desired form, such as a pipe or a sheet.
  • Cooling the PVC:Once the PVC comes out of the die, it is still hot and soft. The machine then quickly cools it down, usually with water or air, to harden it into its final shape.
  • Cutting the PVC:The final step is cutting the PVC into the desired length. For example, if you are making PVC pipes, the extruder will cut them into the correct size.

Why Use a PVC Extruder?

  • Efficiency´╝ÜPVC extruders can produce a large amount of material quickly, making them very efficient for manufacturing.
  • Versatility´╝ÜThey can create many different shapes and sizes by changing the die at the end of the extruder.
  • Consistency´╝ÜThe process ensures that the final products are uniform and consistent in quality.

Plastic Extrusion Machine Product Line

PVC Extruder Applications

  • PVC Pipe Production´╝ÜPVC extruders are widely used to produce various types of pipes, such as drainage pipes, water supply pipes, and cable conduits.┬áManufacturers select different molds and adjust extrusion parameters based on the pipe’s intended use.
  • PVC Profile Production´╝ÜThis equipment produces building profiles like window frames, door frames, and wall panels. By changing the molds, manufacturers can create different cross-sectional profiles.
  • PVC Sheet Production´╝ÜManufacturers use PVC extruders to produce PVC sheets such as foam sheets, clear sheets, and rigid sheets. These sheets are then utilized in advertising signs, building decorations, and more.
  • PVC Film Production´╝ÜPVC extruders also produce PVC films, which are widely used for packaging, covers, and decoration.

PVC Extruder Applications

Technical Features and Advantages

  • High Efficiency´╝Ü Modern PVC extruders typically have high efficiency, allowing for the production of high-quality PVC products at high speeds with low energy consumption.
  • Versatility´╝Ü By changing molds and adjusting operating parameters, PVC extruders can produce various shapes and sizes of products, meeting diverse market demands.
  • High Degree of Automation´╝ÜMany PVC extruders are equipped with advanced automation control systems, such as PLC control. These systems allow for precise control of temperature, pressure, and speed, thereby improving production efficiency and product consistency.

Buying Tips

  • Consider Production Needs´╝ÜChoose the appropriate screw diameter and length-to-diameter ratio based on the specifications and output of the required products.
  • Focus on Quality and After-Sales Service´╝ÜSelect reputable brands and reliable suppliers to ensure the quality of the machine and provide good after-sales service.
  • Understand Technical Support´╝ÜChoose suppliers capable of providing technical support, which can help with equipment installation, commissioning, and maintenance.
  • Evaluate Cost-Effectiveness´╝ÜConsider the price, performance, energy consumption, and maintenance costs of the equipment to select the most cost-effective machine.


PVC extruders are key equipment for producing PVC products, featuring high efficiency, versatility, and a high degree of automation. They are widely used in the production of pipes, profiles, sheets, and films. When purchasing, it is important to consider production needs, quality, after-sales service, and cost-effectiveness to ensure the right equipment is selected.

JianTai PVC Extruder Main Parameters

Model Long dia. ratio Output (kg/h) Screw rotate speed (r/min) Power (kw) Center height (mm)
JT-SJP-30-25 25:1 19.5 10-160 3/4 1000
JT-SJP-45-20 20:1 22.5 10-90 5.5 1000
JT-SJP-45-25 25:1 35.0 16-160 11/15 1000
JT-SJP-50-30 30:1 70.0 16-160 18.5 1000
JT-SJP-50-20 20:1 60.0 8-80 11 1000
JT-SJP-55-25 25:1 120.0 10-160 22/30 1000
JT-SJP-65-28 28:1 120.0 15-120 22/30/37 1000
JT-SJP-65-30 30:1 120.0 15-120 22/30/37 1000
JT-SJP-65-34 34:1 120.0 15-120 22/30/37 1000
JT-SJP-90-22 22:1 150.0 10-100 37/45 1000
JT-SJP-90-25 25:1 155.0 10-100 45/55 1000
JT-SJP-120-25 25:1 250.0 30-90 75 1000

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