Single Screw Plastic Pelletizing Machine

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Specializing in customized Plastic Pelletizing Machines, we have accumulated 19 years of experience since 2005 to date.


We have a professional data simulation center to provide professional solutions.

Key Features and Benefits

efficient and reliable


Single screw design

ensures stable and consistent extrusion, providing high output with minimal downtime.


Advanced Control System

Equipped with PLC touch screen control panel for easy operation and monitoring.


Robust and durable

Manufactured with high quality materials to ensure durability and long service life.

Customizable options


Screw Diameter and L/D Ratio

Multiple configurations available to meet specific processing needs.


Voltage customization

adapted to the electrical standards of different regions.

Environmental and Economic Benefits


Waste Reduction

Reduce landfill use by converting plastic waste into valuable pellets.


Cost Savings

adapted to the elReduce raw material costs by reusing recycled plastics.ectrical standards of different regions.

Single screw Plastic Pelletizing Machine technical parameters

JianTai Plastic Extruder Line
JianTai Plastic Extruder Line
Screw DiameterMultiple sizes are available to accommodate different material types and production capacities.
L/D ratiocan be customized to optimize processing of specific plastics.
Production capacityranges from 100 kg/h to 500 kg/h depending on machine model.
Control systemAdvanced PLC touch screen control for precise control and easy operation.
Single Screw Plastic Pelletizing Machine
Single Screw Plastic Pelletizing Machine


Our HDPE Plastic Pelletizing Machine is suitable for a wide range of applications, including

Manufacturing Plants

Enhance your production line with efficient recycling capabilities.

Waste Management Facilities

Transform plastic waste into valuable resources.

Environmental Organizations

Support sustainable practices with advanced recycling technology.

Why choose JianTai?


At JianTai, we are committed to providing best-in-class plastic regeneration solutions. Our single screw plastic regeneration machines are designed with innovation, efficiency and durability at their core. We provide full support, from machine selection to after-sales service, to ensure our customers get the best results.

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