Highly Configurable Plastic Extrusion Machine

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JianTai specializes in plastic extrusion machines, but we produce large plastic extrusion machines, not experimental small extruders (serious difference thank you).

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What are the advantages of Jiantai plastic extrusion machine?

First of all, we should know that a company that has begun to independently develop plastic extrusion machine since 2005 has been very few, JianTai is upgraded every year, JianTai will always start from the user’s point of view. I think a company that is willing to listen to its users is worth choosing!

plastic extrusion machine
plastic extrusion machine

JianTai plastic extrusion machine of high quality servo motor

The JianTai plastic extrusion machine is equipped with a high-performance servo motor, which is one of the key components to improve the overall efficiency of the equipment and product quality. By employing advanced servo motor technology, JianTai ensures that its extrusion machines have significant advantages in speed control, precision regulation and energy consumption management.

Servo motor
Servo motor

High precision control

JianTai’s servo motors are really good at precise control. They can change their speed and force in real-time to match what’s needed in the production process. This means they can control how fast the screw turns and how hard the plastic is pushed out. This helps keep the plastic flowing smoothly and evenly, making sure the final product is uniform and high quality.

High efficiency and energy saving

JianTai’s servo motors save a lot of energy. They are better than regular motors because they use less power and work more efficiently. By converting energy well and using smart controls, they cut down on energy waste during production. This helps save money and is good for the environment by reducing the carbon footprint, which is important for modern industry.

Quick response capability

JianTai’s servo motors have a big advantage: they respond very quickly. They can start and stop fast, and handle changes in speed and load easily. This is great when production needs to change quickly. Because they respond so fast, they help the production line work with different materials and conditions smoothly, reducing downtime and making the whole process more efficient.

Low noise operation

JianTai’s servo motors run very smoothly and quietly. This makes the work environment more comfortable for people using them. The quiet motors not only make it nicer for workers but also help reduce noise pollution around the factory. This meets the strict rules for modern production environments.

High Reliability and Long Life

JianTai’s servo motors are very reliable and last a long time. They are made from strong materials that can handle things like shaking, high heat, and wear and tear. This means they can keep working for a long time without needing much fixing. This helps the production line keep running smoothly and reduces the chance of it stopping.

Flexible Application

JianTai’s servo motors work well with many types of plastic, including common ones like PE and PP, and tougher ones used in engineering. This makes JianTai’s plastic extrusion machines useful in many plastic processing jobs, like making plastic films, pipes, sheets, and other shapes. This helps meet the needs of customers in different industries.

Screw Forging Technology of JianTai Plastic Extrusion Machines

JianTai’s plastic extrusion machines use advanced screw forging technology, a key strength in their machinery manufacturing. This technology ensures high precision, strength, and durability, enhancing the performance and lifespan of the machines.

Single screw
Single screw

Military-Grade Forging Process

JianTai’s screws are made using super-strong techniques like those used in the military. They are crafted from high-quality alloy steel and go through several heat treatments, making them very hard and resistant to wear. This helps them perform well even under high heat, pressure, and force.

Precision Manufacturing

JianTai uses advanced machines called CNC (Computer Numerical Control) to make screws with very accurate sizes and smooth surfaces. This precise manufacturing makes the screws more efficient, uses less energy, and reduces mistakes in plastic products during extrusion.

Optimized Thread Design

JianTai’s screws are specially designed to handle different types of plastics and processes. The shape, pitch, and depth of the grooves are carefully planned to work best during plasticizing, mixing, and extrusion. These screws work great with thick and filled materials, ensuring smooth mixing and stability.

Wide Application Range

Because of their advanced making process, JianTai’s screws are used in many plastic processing jobs. They can handle common plastics like PE and PP, as well as complex ones like PA and PC, ensuring stable production and high-quality products.

PLC Touchscreen Control System of JianTai Plastic Extrusion Machines

JianTai plastic extrusion machines are equipped with a state-of-the-art PLC touchscreen control system. This system sets new standards for intelligent and convenient operation. By integrating a high-performance Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) with a Human-Machine Interface (HMI), JianTai’s PLC touchscreen control system significantly improves automation, ease of use, and production efficiency.

PLC Touchscreen Control System
PLC Touchscreen Control System

Intuitive User Interface

JianTai’s touchscreen control system is easy to use. It lets operators control things like temperature, pressure, and screw speed by touching the screen. The screen shows data in bright colors and supports many languages, making it simple for people from different backgrounds to use. This user-friendly design helps operators avoid mistakes and makes using the machine easier.

Real-Time Monitoring and Adjustment

The touchscreen system can watch the machine’s status in real-time and adjust settings automatically to fit different needs. This smart control keeps the production stable and accurate, allowing operators to react quickly to changes. It helps reduce waste and improve product quality by automatically adjusting things like temperature and pressure during extrusion.

Efficient Fault Diagnosis

JianTai’s touchscreen control system can quickly find and report problems, like high temperature or motor issues. It shows detailed information and solutions on the screen, which helps fix problems faster, makes the machine more reliable, and reduces downtime.

Flexible Program Settings

The system lets users set up different programs for various production needs. Operators can easily switch modes and adjust machine settings on the screen for different types of plastic and processes. This flexibility allows JianTai’s machines to handle many kinds of plastic processing and meet different market demands.

Data Recording and Analysis

The system can store and analyze past data, like production settings and fault records. Users can view and export this data on the screen. This helps improve production processes, make maintenance better, and increase efficiency and product quality.

Remote Monitoring and Maintenance

JianTai’s system allows remote monitoring and maintenance. Operators can check the machine’s status and settings over the internet, even when they’re not on site. They can also diagnose and adjust things remotely, making management faster and more efficient.

Safety Assurance

The system includes safety features like overload protection, emergency stop buttons, and safety interlocks. These features protect operators and reduce the risk of accidents.


JianTai’s touchscreen control system makes plastic extrusion machines more automated and efficient. It’s easy to use, provides real-time monitoring and adjustment, finds problems quickly, offers flexible settings, records and analyzes data, allows remote control, and includes safety features. This smart system helps improve plastic extrusion operations.

Advanced Temperature Control Area

JianTai plastic extrusion machines have an advanced temperature control area that helps keep the temperature just right during plastic processing. This precise temperature management ensures better product quality and production efficiency, making it easier to create high-quality plastic products.

JianTai's Advanced Temperature Control Area
JianTai’s Advanced Temperature Control Area

Accurate Temperature Control

JianTai machines use precise sensors and a smart system to control temperature. The sensors check the temperature at different parts of the machine and send this data to the control system. The system then adjusts the heating and cooling to keep the temperature just right. This helps the plastic melt and mix evenly, making the final product better and with fewer defects.

Separate Temperature Zones

JianTai machines have different temperature zones, each with its own settings. This means different parts of the machine can be heated or cooled separately, based on what’s needed. For example, different temperatures can be set at various points of the screw or die head to match the plastic’s needs. This helps the plastic process well and makes the product strong and high quality.

Efficient Heating and Cooling

JianTai machines have fast and efficient heating and cooling systems. They use high-quality heaters to warm up quickly and evenly, and cool down with air or water to avoid overheating. These systems react fast to temperature changes, which helps produce high-quality products quickly.

Stable Temperature Management

JianTai machines keep the temperature stable with safety features like alarms for too high temperatures, temperature corrections, and automatic shutdown if needed. These features stop temperature changes from messing up production, making the machine last longer and keeping the products consistent.

Smart Temperature Feedback

JianTai machines have a smart feedback system for temperature. It watches the temperature and adjusts it automatically. This system works with the touchscreen control, so operators can easily set and check the temperature, making the machine easier to use.

Versatile Applications

JianTai’s temperature control works for many types of plastic. It handles common plastics like PE and PP, and tougher ones like PA and PC. This means JianTai’s technology can be used in different industries and for various needs.

Eco-Friendly and Energy Saving

JianTai’s temperature control system is eco-friendly and saves energy. It uses less power, which reduces costs and helps the environment. This makes it a cost-effective choice for users.

Easy to Use

JianTai’s temperature control is designed to be user-friendly. Operators can easily set and adjust the temperature using a simple control system. Real-time monitoring and data analysis help improve production and make the machine run more efficiently.


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