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Professional Customized Plastic Pipe Machine

Professional customized plastic pipe machine, support various types of pipe models.


What is a plastic pipe machine?

A plastic pipe machine is specialized equipment used for manufacturing various types of plastic pipes. It operates by extruding plastic materials into pipes of different diameters and thicknesses, which are widely used in construction, agriculture, and industrial applications. The machine typically consists of an extruder, molds, a cooling system, and a traction device, ensuring efficient and stable production of high-quality plastic pipes.

What Products Can Plastic Pipe Machines Make?

Plastic pipe machines can produce a wide range of products, including water supply pipes, drainage pipes, electrical conduit pipes, irrigation pipes, gas pipes, chemical transport pipes, cable protection pipes, underfloor heating pipes, medical tubing, and industrial pipes. These products are essential for applications in residential, commercial, agricultural, industrial, and medical fields, demonstrating the versatility and importance of plastic pipe machines in modern infrastructure and various industries.

JianTai Customized Plastic Pipe Machine Standards

Note: We can customize the plastic pipe machine according to the data provided on a one-to-one basis, with output and price linked.

Plastic Extruder
Plastic Extrusion Pipe Grinding Tools
Plastic Pipe Cooling Unit
Plastic Pipe Pulling Machine
Plastic Pipe Cutting Machine
Plastic Pipe Machine

The advantages of customizing our plastic pipe machines

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Tailored Solutions

Customization ensures that the machines meet specific production requirements, optimizing efficiency and performance for particular applications.


Enhanced Productivity

Machines designed to handle specific materials and pipe dimensions can increase production speed and reduce downtime.


Quality Control

Custom features can include advanced quality monitoring systems, ensuring consistent and high-quality output.


Cost Efficiency

Custom machines can reduce material waste and energy consumption, leading to lower operational costs.



Customized machines can be designed to produce a variety of pipe types and sizes, expanding your product range and market reach.


Technical Support

Manufacturers often provide specialized technical support and maintenance for custom machines, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

Yuyao Jiantai Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.

JianTai Co., Ltd, established in 2005, is a professional manufacturer of high-tech, industrial plastic pipe machines. We offer equipment for large-scale, high-volume production of various plastic pipes for diverse applications including construction, agriculture, and industry.

Our in-house R&D team of engineers and technicians has spent countless hours developing innovative machines with efficiency, usability, durability, and safety in mind. You can rest assured that our equipment uses only the highest quality materials and parts and, if well maintained, will operate year after year. With our endless strive for perfection, precision, and customer satisfaction, JianTai Pipe Machinery has won world recognition as one of the leading manufacturers of plastic pipe machinery.

For plastic pipe manufacturers looking for turnkey solutions, we offer the complete design and installation of custom pipe production lines, including water supply pipes, drainage pipes, electrical conduit pipes, and more. With nearly two decades in the plastic pipe industry and a robust portfolio of successful projects, we’re confident we can quickly and efficiently help bring your plastic pipe production to new heights.

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