Production Line for PE, Soft PVC, TPE Tubes, Used Equipment


This used production line is designed for manufacturing PE (polyethylene), soft PVC (polyvinyl chloride), and TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) tubes. It includes an extruder, vacuum calibration tank, haul-off machine, cutter, and stacker, efficiently producing high-quality flexible tubing suitable for construction, industrial, and domestic applications. This established line offers stable performance and flexible production capabilities, making it an ideal choice for enhancing production efficiency and product quality.

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This production line is specifically designed for manufacturing PE (polyethylene), soft PVC (polyvinyl chloride), and TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) tubes, making it an ideal choice for efficient production needs. Configured to produce various types of flexible tubing, it offers a comprehensive set of innovative production solutions. Below is a detailed description of the production line:

1. Overview of the Production Line

This production line includes a range of used equipment, capable of efficiently producing PE, soft PVC, and TPE tubes suitable for various applications. It is a well-established line with stable performance and flexible production capabilities, perfect for manufacturers needing high-quality products. Whether for construction, industrial, or domestic applications, this production line can meet your diverse needs.

2. Main Equipment

  1. Extruder:
    • Model: JT-50
    • Function: The main machine heats the raw material and extrudes it through the die to form the tube.
    • Features: Advanced screw design improves plasticizing effect; equipped with precise temperature control system to ensure uniform material melting.
  2. Vacuum Calibration Tank:
    • Model: VK-2000
    • Function: Cools and calibrates the extruded tube, ensuring precision in size and shape.
    • Features: Efficient cooling system with accurate vacuum control equipment.
  3. Haul-off Machine:
    • Model: PW-100
    • Function: Evenly pulls the calibrated tube to ensure its continuity and smoothness.
    • Features: Variable frequency control, adjustable haul-off speed; made from high wear-resistant materials to extend equipment life.
  4. Cutter:
    • Model: CM-150
    • Function: Cuts the tubes to the preset length.
    • Features: Equipped with automatic length detection and cutting control system for high precision.
  5. Stacker:
    • Model: ST-300
    • Function: Neatly stacks the cut tubes for easy handling and packaging.
    • Features: Automated operation reduces manual intervention; adjustable stacking height.

3. Applicable Materials

  • PE (Polyethylene): Known for its excellent chemical stability, suitable for water pipes, cable protection tubes, etc.
  • Soft PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride): Flexible and durable, commonly used for flexible electrical conduits and garden hoses.
  • TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer): Combines the properties of plastic and rubber, widely used in flexible tubing and medical devices.

4. Production Line Features

  • High Efficiency: The entire line is optimized for a balance between high productivity and low energy consumption.
  • Flexibility: Suitable for producing various types of tubes, with quick line changeovers to adapt to market changes.
  • Stable Quality: Equipped with precise control systems to ensure consistent product quality and excellent performance.
  • Easy Maintenance: Modular design facilitates maintenance and cleaning, reducing downtime.

5. Operating Conditions

  • Power Requirements: 380V/50Hz (three-phase power)
  • Floor Space: Approximately 20 square meters (depending on specific equipment configuration)
  • Operators: Requires trained technical personnel for operation and maintenance

6. Environmental and Safety Considerations

  • Environmental: Equipped with an exhaust gas treatment system that complies with national environmental standards.
  • Safety: Each part of the production line is equipped with safety protection measures to ensure operator safety.

7. Advantages of Used Equipment

  • Cost-Effective: Compared to new equipment, used equipment offers a more economical option, suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises.
  • Ready for Use: The equipment has been fully debugged and can be quickly put into use after purchase, shortening delivery time.
  • Reliability: Equipment with proven market performance offers stable operation, ideal for long-term use.

This used production line for PE, soft PVC, and TPE tubes will provide you with excellent production efficiency and stable product quality, making it an ideal choice for optimizing production processes and enhancing market competitiveness.

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